Sunday, July 18, 2010

my new family

my new famil ausome becuse the are realy nice and they do not smoke they even call us there new daughters and i have one brother and three little sisters. they are realy nice. my bed room is realy nice. and my foster moms name is natasha and the dads name is jason they both are yung parents and natasha is realy nice. and jason is a figherfighter helper.natasha she works at a health clinic and at seca staff wich is like pathfinders.and we live in bromon is a small town. i have a baby kitten named angel she is black and her chest is white and she has a sister that is my sisters kitten named katie becuse her friends name is katie that lives in galena Kansas. i am watching the tooth fairy it is a realy good show. thats why i like my new family.

Monday, June 14, 2010


my favorite part was going to the truck demilation and it was loud and the little kids were having a lawnmower race. then the little kids from the audiance were on the field and they had a running race to get money. them nuber 23 wone the race and alot ofthe racers tires blew off and they were smoking realy bad. and then zack brown band was there singing chicken fry. my respite mom was nice and her dauter gave me a pair of shoes that were realy expinsive and a dimond ring it is beautiful and a shirt.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

my family

my family can be nice, sweet, funny, and sometimes boring. but I love them. even people talk bad about them they are still my family. first I am going to talk about my sister, she can be nice when she wants to be but when people pick on me or our family she and I take it serious and she does to if anybody talles about her I stand up for her sometimes if I do she will get mad and she wont talk to me. next is my grandmother treva she's nice, outgoing, respectful, realy caring but most of all she keeps things in shape if someone is doing wrong she will tell them to straten up if they dont they will be punished or she will just flat out tell them they are not going to run over her if you get on her bad side trust me you do not want to go there becuse she will call the law and give two options 1. go to your room and calm down 2. she will call the law and they will take you to jail it wont be pritty. and last but least my grandfather sam if you like your supost to you will be ok and if you dont he will be very very mad and that is not a good thing becuse it stresses him out and it will make treva very very very mad!!! and he is caring, loving, nice, and the best part is if you be good you get a reword and spoiled rotten it is funny. and my aunt meloney she is nice, outgoing, sweet, cool, and there is sage he is funny, sweet, nice,cool like his mom. I love them all but when people get me mad i stay mad and i get realy mad until some tells me something and then i explode. and this one thing I dont understand if people tell me to stop what i am doing and they keep gripping about it to a nother person that makes me mad.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


What I like to do in the spring? I like to run or walk around my home town Galena, I like to ride my colorful skateboard. My friend Alisha.And I like to walk and talk about who we went out with. Me and my sister like to go swimming, but I am not a very good swimmer as she is. We also like to go to the park, and when my sister wants to go and spray each other with the water hose and when my grandmother asked us what happened we told her that we were having fun. and when I and my sister were at my grandma's house I got into her lipstick and I looked like a scary clown. and Me and my cousin liked to stay up all night long talking to each other about boyfriends.And who we hated out of our school we said there's girl that we both hate. and we stayed out on the big trampoline all night long. And we had a root bear float.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

from i have a dream

freedom. 1. rights 2.supreme court 3. have your own religion 4. no slavey 5. president 6. people treat others fairly 7. have rights 8. police 9. justice

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my life as a pencil

What would it feel like to be a pencil? My life would be messy, because I would be used by allot of people that even may have sneezed on me. The worst part is I would be too small to stand up for myself and people could break me in half if I stabbed them. I hopefully have other pencil friends so they can keep me company. If a person sneezed on me I would not like it, so all I can do is wipe it off because nobody would clean me because they are too busy or they just dont care about the pencils. The worst part would be if somebody wanted to sharpen you I advise you to jump out of there hand so no one would be hurt or broken.The bad part you want to watch out for is when they use you, make sure you do not get sneezed on, sharpened, or some one biting on the eraser.that's if you want to survive. Alot of pencils are usually forgotten about or broken, their erasers get bit off,and someone sneezes on it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

april fools day!!!

Last April fools day I pulled the funniest joke on my friend Kim. I told her that I would be making she and I warms in dirt it is her favorite dish. I desisted to go to the store and I bought Oreos and I bought gummie worms. The next day she came over to my house she was sitting at the dinner table and I told her that I would be right back and I went outside and I dug a hole in the ground and I desisted to get worms out of the ground and when I came back inside I put the real worms and the fake worms to gather and then I put the ingredients together and I gave it to her and I also put her on camera and she took a bite out of it I started to laugh very hard she stared at me and said what did you do to it. i would not tell her yet she looked in the bowl she screamed and then she figured out i had put her on camera then she walked over to me and then she dumpted it over my head then she and I got into a food fight there was worms every were so we cleaned the house befor my grandmother got home.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the mess hall

Alot of people are standing in the streets.They are waiting for other people to get out of the buiding so they can eat there meals. So they can take there food and take it home. it makes me feel like they are very poor and could not feed themselves. and it is very sad becuse they can not aford the money and food becuse the economy was selling so many items they got ritch and the stae got poor.

Friday, March 26, 2010


I am having a big problem it is about me and my grandma. My grandmother thinks that she can criticising me telling me that i should be more like my sister and grow up it is very hard when i try to tell her to to stop being so mean. my grandmother wnats to adopt us becuse my sister and i have been in fostercare sice we were little. it is hard to decide if i should go live with them or stay in fostercare and age out.i do not know what i should do.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lions' Life

Lions are my favorite animal. lions are aggressive. Male lions have access to the female lions when it is mating seasons. Lions mate about four times a hour over two to three days. The males try to kill their little cubs that are growing up so they can have more and they trying to bring back the females to breeding conditions. The females have up to five cubs in a litter. Male lions mark there territory with there urine. If intruders come in their territory they will kill them or chase them away. Male lions can be aggressive when they are hunting. If any ungly hyenas come near their kill, The lions will kill them, but they will not eat them. Spotted Leopards and cheetahs are afraid of lions because they are bigger and stronger then other large cats. The male lion protect his territory while the female hunts. lions make woofing, meowing, purring, and hissing to warn predators. That is why I like lions. Sources: Lion lovers sources: http://www.lions .org/lion-safari.html

Monday, February 22, 2010

cartoon charactor

If I was a cartoon character I would be Road Runner because I am fast at things just like him. I talk a lot and he makes noises. I never like to be caught at anything and he goes so fast the coyote never finds him. I like Road Runner because he is super- hyper. He is very funny He also is very talkative. Every time the coyote tries to set a trap he ends up geting hurt. I like the Road Runner.

fairy tales

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

dear mrs.stebbins

I am having trouble with social studies work sheets and it is very hard to remember the questions i do not know why. And i am having trouble on my spelling test it is kind of hard for me and i am afraid if i talk to you out loud people are going to thing that i am very stupid. And Orson keeps picking on me i do not know why and he gives me this weird look, it looks like he flirting with me. And i don't know why but Q.t. Keeps getting in my face i don't know why but it is irritating me. Alee keeps acting like she is going to hit me and she shows off in front of boys i think that's why she is acting like this to me. so far i am doing all right and i have the hugest crush on this boy at pathfinders he is nice and he has a girl friend that he said she was very mean to him and he is thinking he might break up with her i do not know what to do can you give me advice please. and i think Orson has a crush on me because he is flirting with me allot. I am moving to Galena with my grandparents and they might adopt me and my sister then the farm got really mad at them and said do you want to live somewhere else and her and i said no and so we are going to go live with my grandparents. And we are going to have fun because we get to see our old friends, We are going to to have fun in the summer we plan on going to the Galena pool, And after that we are going on a picnic, then we plan on going to my friends house, And have fun. Then i get to see my old boy friend and he might be surprised to see me there and we might go back out and them i will be happy. Then my cousin is going to be happy because he likes my old boy friend they are best friends. Then get to go home and talk to my grandma and tell her that i am going back out with my old boy friend. My sister might be jealous of me going out with her best friend and then she will not talk to me for a wile, After that she might be not mad at me anymore. Me and my sister are going to be very happy because we live with our family again. I am going to be very happy when i get to see my cosine Adrian. And then we will get to spend the night with her like we did when we where little kids.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Morning snow at PCMS

the bill of rights

The fith amendment says the police should have to tell you why they were puting you in jail. It is important becuse they can not charge you for a crime you did not commit.The emendment two is to band slavery it's important becuse they are gust like us.The amendment third is to have equil voting rights it is fair if you let men and women vote becuse they are capable of doing the same things.

the bill of right

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to make a salad

I am making a chef salad. To make the salad you need a bowl, a head of lettuce, two cups full of meat, one hand full of cheese, boil twelve eggs then cut them up into little peaces, two teaspoons of beacon bits, two tomatoes, one or two cucumbers, two oranges,two apples, two peaches. dice one head of a lettuce, any ttype of meat, Then you add a handful of cheese Next. After you chop the eggs, you add two teaspoons of becon bits. Then you chop tomatoes. If you want to add two cucumbers you can dice them up into small peaces. After this, up the fruit. if you want to add two peaches you can. this is a chif salad!

The taco

Taco's are a popular food. First, you need cheese, meat, letuce, taco shells. Then, you put the taco shells in to the oven. After you the taco's out of the oven, put meat, and cheese, letuce and if you want to, you put salsa on it. After you are done making them. you can eat them.. It will look like a delicious taco.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to make friends

First, talk to someone about their favorite thing to do. next, ask them if they like things that you like.ask, them If they have anything in common I would ask then if they like animals, maybe, If they like to goplaces or if they would like to go bowling. Then, next, go out and maybe go play basket ball. Then, do what you the person likes to do.try, something fun and if you like, go, play aginst a volleyball team, Ask, them what they like to do. final, I would introduce them to my other friends let them get to know each other.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

my dream

My dreams are to that Ibecome a animal cop so that I can rescue animal that are sray or hurt or abandent. my next dream is to go to collage and get a diploma, and then I can work for animal's and help them. my favorite dream would be to have a great big farm and have animal's that were abused or abanded and get horses. my dream is to help kids and become a teacher that works for special edd kids or just to work for a science class. I also would like to be a music teacher, and I would maybe like to be a P.E. teacher or to be a poem writer that would be fun even to be a police woman that would be dangoures or I would like to be a hair stylist that would be fu n for me becuse i love cuting things and i love to die things.amd maybe get a house or a appartment that way I could have some were to live and sleep and be deppendent. hopefully my family would give me money if they passed away.