Sunday, July 18, 2010

my new family

my new famil ausome becuse the are realy nice and they do not smoke they even call us there new daughters and i have one brother and three little sisters. they are realy nice. my bed room is realy nice. and my foster moms name is natasha and the dads name is jason they both are yung parents and natasha is realy nice. and jason is a figherfighter helper.natasha she works at a health clinic and at seca staff wich is like pathfinders.and we live in bromon is a small town. i have a baby kitten named angel she is black and her chest is white and she has a sister that is my sisters kitten named katie becuse her friends name is katie that lives in galena Kansas. i am watching the tooth fairy it is a realy good show. thats why i like my new family.

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