Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to make a salad

I am making a chef salad. To make the salad you need a bowl, a head of lettuce, two cups full of meat, one hand full of cheese, boil twelve eggs then cut them up into little peaces, two teaspoons of beacon bits, two tomatoes, one or two cucumbers, two oranges,two apples, two peaches. dice one head of a lettuce, any ttype of meat, Then you add a handful of cheese Next. After you chop the eggs, you add two teaspoons of becon bits. Then you chop tomatoes. If you want to add two cucumbers you can dice them up into small peaces. After this, up the fruit. if you want to add two peaches you can. this is a chif salad!

The taco

Taco's are a popular food. First, you need cheese, meat, letuce, taco shells. Then, you put the taco shells in to the oven. After you the taco's out of the oven, put meat, and cheese, letuce and if you want to, you put salsa on it. After you are done making them. you can eat them.. It will look like a delicious taco.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to make friends

First, talk to someone about their favorite thing to do. next, ask them if they like things that you like.ask, them If they have anything in common I would ask then if they like animals, maybe, If they like to goplaces or if they would like to go bowling. Then, next, go out and maybe go play basket ball. Then, do what you the person likes to do.try, something fun and if you like, go, play aginst a volleyball team, Ask, them what they like to do. final, I would introduce them to my other friends let them get to know each other.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

my dream

My dreams are to that Ibecome a animal cop so that I can rescue animal that are sray or hurt or abandent. my next dream is to go to collage and get a diploma, and then I can work for animal's and help them. my favorite dream would be to have a great big farm and have animal's that were abused or abanded and get horses. my dream is to help kids and become a teacher that works for special edd kids or just to work for a science class. I also would like to be a music teacher, and I would maybe like to be a P.E. teacher or to be a poem writer that would be fun even to be a police woman that would be dangoures or I would like to be a hair stylist that would be fu n for me becuse i love cuting things and i love to die things.amd maybe get a house or a appartment that way I could have some were to live and sleep and be deppendent. hopefully my family would give me money if they passed away.