Friday, December 11, 2009

christmas elves on strike

Dear santa please send new clothes to the elve's nice clothes have no holes or tears. Please also send some decorations some lights that they can have for there tree. Also send them alot blankets it is cold. Let them have more breaks. Don't make them where silly green clothes and hat's. And send them money. Buy them alot of food. And make more room for them.the elves wan't to work it is just that they wan't a break

Friday, December 4, 2009

The cookie day

My cokie is the White Chocalate Macadaynian Cookie I can promote this to icarly I hope they would like this idea.I hope it would be good that people around the world would eat would smell like melted chocolate and toffie and it would be so good that dead people would be eating it. becuseThe whole intire world would be paying me alot of money just to have it and i would be rich. the cookies are a kind that you can mail and they do not stick to gether and they are only $2.00 per box and they can not melt up to four days. it taset awesome, it looks beter than the pisbery cookies. the best thing about it is healthy for you and hardly eny calories.

Monday, November 30, 2009

what i am thankful for

I am thankful for my family. and my friends. and I am also thankful for god. and teachers. i am thankful for my foster family that has been taking care of me for a long time. I am thankful for the holidays and my birthday which is on december 27. i can not wait for my birthday becuse I am so happy I am turning 14yrs old. i am thankful for my life. and my parents left me when I was 2yrs old i hardly knew my dad I realy miss them even though I am in foster care and I don't know them that mutch. and every body talks about them that they were bad or they did drugs or my dad killed somebodywhich might be true.

Friday, November 20, 2009

my life

I am nice and sweet, and funny, and when Igrow up I wan't to be a vet.I also have a hard time talking to people and I do not like to talk to people that are not my friends and I like to talk to people that are my friends. My favorite thing in the world to do is have fun and talk to my family. I aso like to go places And collect things from places that are special to me.I also like to have a animal or some one to talk to all the time. And I like to go places with my cousin and my sister. my favorite thing to do is get on my sisters nerves.Ialso like to drink moutain dew and I like chocalate. my favorite thing to do is make friends. I have one best friend I knew since I was 12 yrs old she is still my best friend.I would like a mustaing for my sweet 16. And Iwould like a new pittbull. And I am really lucky becuse i have a school for know becuse our school was torn down by a big storm so we are using another school for know. Some people realy get on my nerves like the boys in my school they are anoying and rood and they bullie alot of people. And people are nice some times. My favorite teacher is mrs.carell.if ican plan a perfect day i would have heather come back to our school and make people be good and have all one hundreds in school.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Every day stuff

Today was the most exhausting day's of my life becuse i had to go to a basketball game it was hot and smelly. Then i had to go to the olympic games it was fun to watch and there was alot of people there it was crowded. Every one needs a special place to go when they are crouded. when you talk to the senior citizensthey have meny enteresting stories. Did you know that pets can do alot of tricks and they can do them faster then any other animal. I enjoy reading bumper stickers so i have something to do. Some people have no sence of humer becuse they try to make a joke and it ends up into a fight or a problem. Lerning a new games is kind of complicated. Every body should have a goal like behaving. Around the world people selabrate chrismas. Some commercials are intertaining some are not. Shopping in malls are fun and they are every were.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The pilgrims when't to find land. Some of them got sick. They found land the next day. The captian said we founded america. And everybody found there spot ther were going to live. And the kids seen a indian. They were scared. they wen't to there dad. And said dad we need to talk to you. And he said not now i am working. And they said but dad we seen a indian. He whent and he met the indian. the indian id hi welcome to ameirca. they became best friends. the next day tragity struck the dad his wife and his baby died of the feaver and he was always sad. after that it was thanksgiving day the pillgrims and the indian's gathered to gether and had dinner.the next day one of the indians died of the feaver. the indians tought them how to store food and make crops for the winter then wenter came it was a hard winter. every body was scared of the winter storms. then spring came every body had a hard winter then they met other new indians and americans. there family finaly could see them and a new baby was born the father was remarried the had a babie girl then she died from the feaver then they had twins a boy and a girl. in the winter. there was indians that were bad they wanted there food and cows. then the indians got killed from the parents old friends.then every thing changed be tween them. then the father died it was raining. the girls were all grown up. and they were sad the twins did not even know there dad.they all cryed alot and they all were very sad. and then there was a axident the twins and the girls and there new step mom all died in a train robery. The End

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Science Experiment

thankful for thanksgiving

I am thankful for my individuals and no school. I am thankful for my sister. and brothers. and my grandparents. i am thankful for them becuse they took care of me wen i was a little girl. we have a thanks giving party and dinner we also have a preyer for the dinner. we have a indiviuals we gather all of our family and friends. we have a good time, we have family time every body comes to our house for thanksgiving. I am thankful for god becuse we wouln't here today if we were not born. i should have good attiude and be thankful for what i got, my sister was doing dishes and i helped her fininished them. I was felt some one cared for me. I would have felt bad if she would have not said thank and loved. yes becuse it is nice and polite individuals I think that is thanking them for what they did.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

the beach

the sunny water was a beutiful sight, the water was swishing around on the beach, there was people walking on the beach, they thought it was a beautiful day,

the beach

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

braziliansocer player edison pele

I need to improve on making better choices, or if i want to make good or bad choices, and if i want to have a good life or a bad life it depends on what i do, or not do, and if people around me have good attituds or bad attituds.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

George Washington Carver National Monument

we went to gorge washinton carver national monument we went the other day, we went on a bus it was boring so i went to sleep and i woke up and we were there, the first thing we was we went and we lerned about how theywashed clothes and how they use a iron, we whent to the cemetery and we lerned how to not step on there body's and that was respect to them, he was a slave and he never seen his mother becuse she was kidnapped and she was never seen again, he was very sick and he was skinny and had a big head, he loved taking care of people's plant's they caled him the plant doctor, the town's people new about the child's mother was kidnapped by the busher's they take stuff from people and they kill, and they get alot of money, also steel slaves they sale them to other people and they, he was saling plant's and he siled alot of other stuff he was the first one to help the man to make light with peanut's, he was important for his making even though he was a slave, his greatest achievement was helping the first man who envented the light bulb he made the peanut into rubber and he agve it to the man he was offered alot of money he said no thank's all he wanted was the kid's to come into his school and lern, him caring about the kid's yes i would like more inoformation about him, it was good would say 10

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Seed

the contained a very large. other than size, there was nothing out of the ordinary about this seed at all. the label on the jar, however,warned,"this seed should never be planted. the seed will develope a virus too other plants. people will be worried about the and supplies, and they might have to