Friday, November 20, 2009

my life

I am nice and sweet, and funny, and when Igrow up I wan't to be a vet.I also have a hard time talking to people and I do not like to talk to people that are not my friends and I like to talk to people that are my friends. My favorite thing in the world to do is have fun and talk to my family. I aso like to go places And collect things from places that are special to me.I also like to have a animal or some one to talk to all the time. And I like to go places with my cousin and my sister. my favorite thing to do is get on my sisters nerves.Ialso like to drink moutain dew and I like chocalate. my favorite thing to do is make friends. I have one best friend I knew since I was 12 yrs old she is still my best friend.I would like a mustaing for my sweet 16. And Iwould like a new pittbull. And I am really lucky becuse i have a school for know becuse our school was torn down by a big storm so we are using another school for know. Some people realy get on my nerves like the boys in my school they are anoying and rood and they bullie alot of people. And people are nice some times. My favorite teacher is mrs.carell.if ican plan a perfect day i would have heather come back to our school and make people be good and have all one hundreds in school.

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