Wednesday, November 4, 2009

thankful for thanksgiving

I am thankful for my individuals and no school. I am thankful for my sister. and brothers. and my grandparents. i am thankful for them becuse they took care of me wen i was a little girl. we have a thanks giving party and dinner we also have a preyer for the dinner. we have a indiviuals we gather all of our family and friends. we have a good time, we have family time every body comes to our house for thanksgiving. I am thankful for god becuse we wouln't here today if we were not born. i should have good attiude and be thankful for what i got, my sister was doing dishes and i helped her fininished them. I was felt some one cared for me. I would have felt bad if she would have not said thank and loved. yes becuse it is nice and polite individuals I think that is thanking them for what they did.

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