Tuesday, April 13, 2010


What I like to do in the spring? I like to run or walk around my home town Galena, I like to ride my colorful skateboard. My friend Alisha.And I like to walk and talk about who we went out with. Me and my sister like to go swimming, but I am not a very good swimmer as she is. We also like to go to the park, and when my sister wants to go and spray each other with the water hose and when my grandmother asked us what happened we told her that we were having fun. and when I and my sister were at my grandma's house I got into her lipstick and I looked like a scary clown. and Me and my cousin liked to stay up all night long talking to each other about boyfriends.And who we hated out of our school we said there's girl that we both hate. and we stayed out on the big trampoline all night long. And we had a root bear float.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

from i have a dream

freedom. 1. rights 2.supreme court 3. have your own religion 4. no slavey 5. president 6. people treat others fairly 7. have rights 8. police 9. justice

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my life as a pencil

What would it feel like to be a pencil? My life would be messy, because I would be used by allot of people that even may have sneezed on me. The worst part is I would be too small to stand up for myself and people could break me in half if I stabbed them. I hopefully have other pencil friends so they can keep me company. If a person sneezed on me I would not like it, so all I can do is wipe it off because nobody would clean me because they are too busy or they just dont care about the pencils. The worst part would be if somebody wanted to sharpen you I advise you to jump out of there hand so no one would be hurt or broken.The bad part you want to watch out for is when they use you, make sure you do not get sneezed on, sharpened, or some one biting on the eraser.that's if you want to survive. Alot of pencils are usually forgotten about or broken, their erasers get bit off,and someone sneezes on it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

april fools day!!!

Last April fools day I pulled the funniest joke on my friend Kim. I told her that I would be making she and I warms in dirt it is her favorite dish. I desisted to go to the store and I bought Oreos and I bought gummie worms. The next day she came over to my house she was sitting at the dinner table and I told her that I would be right back and I went outside and I dug a hole in the ground and I desisted to get worms out of the ground and when I came back inside I put the real worms and the fake worms to gather and then I put the ingredients together and I gave it to her and I also put her on camera and she took a bite out of it I started to laugh very hard she stared at me and said what did you do to it. i would not tell her yet she looked in the bowl she screamed and then she figured out i had put her on camera then she walked over to me and then she dumpted it over my head then she and I got into a food fight there was worms every were so we cleaned the house befor my grandmother got home.