Thursday, April 1, 2010

april fools day!!!

Last April fools day I pulled the funniest joke on my friend Kim. I told her that I would be making she and I warms in dirt it is her favorite dish. I desisted to go to the store and I bought Oreos and I bought gummie worms. The next day she came over to my house she was sitting at the dinner table and I told her that I would be right back and I went outside and I dug a hole in the ground and I desisted to get worms out of the ground and when I came back inside I put the real worms and the fake worms to gather and then I put the ingredients together and I gave it to her and I also put her on camera and she took a bite out of it I started to laugh very hard she stared at me and said what did you do to it. i would not tell her yet she looked in the bowl she screamed and then she figured out i had put her on camera then she walked over to me and then she dumpted it over my head then she and I got into a food fight there was worms every were so we cleaned the house befor my grandmother got home.

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