Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my life as a pencil

What would it feel like to be a pencil? My life would be messy, because I would be used by allot of people that even may have sneezed on me. The worst part is I would be too small to stand up for myself and people could break me in half if I stabbed them. I hopefully have other pencil friends so they can keep me company. If a person sneezed on me I would not like it, so all I can do is wipe it off because nobody would clean me because they are too busy or they just dont care about the pencils. The worst part would be if somebody wanted to sharpen you I advise you to jump out of there hand so no one would be hurt or broken.The bad part you want to watch out for is when they use you, make sure you do not get sneezed on, sharpened, or some one biting on the eraser.that's if you want to survive. Alot of pencils are usually forgotten about or broken, their erasers get bit off,and someone sneezes on it.

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