Monday, June 14, 2010


my favorite part was going to the truck demilation and it was loud and the little kids were having a lawnmower race. then the little kids from the audiance were on the field and they had a running race to get money. them nuber 23 wone the race and alot ofthe racers tires blew off and they were smoking realy bad. and then zack brown band was there singing chicken fry. my respite mom was nice and her dauter gave me a pair of shoes that were realy expinsive and a dimond ring it is beautiful and a shirt.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

my family

my family can be nice, sweet, funny, and sometimes boring. but I love them. even people talk bad about them they are still my family. first I am going to talk about my sister, she can be nice when she wants to be but when people pick on me or our family she and I take it serious and she does to if anybody talles about her I stand up for her sometimes if I do she will get mad and she wont talk to me. next is my grandmother treva she's nice, outgoing, respectful, realy caring but most of all she keeps things in shape if someone is doing wrong she will tell them to straten up if they dont they will be punished or she will just flat out tell them they are not going to run over her if you get on her bad side trust me you do not want to go there becuse she will call the law and give two options 1. go to your room and calm down 2. she will call the law and they will take you to jail it wont be pritty. and last but least my grandfather sam if you like your supost to you will be ok and if you dont he will be very very mad and that is not a good thing becuse it stresses him out and it will make treva very very very mad!!! and he is caring, loving, nice, and the best part is if you be good you get a reword and spoiled rotten it is funny. and my aunt meloney she is nice, outgoing, sweet, cool, and there is sage he is funny, sweet, nice,cool like his mom. I love them all but when people get me mad i stay mad and i get realy mad until some tells me something and then i explode. and this one thing I dont understand if people tell me to stop what i am doing and they keep gripping about it to a nother person that makes me mad.