Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The pilgrims when't to find land. Some of them got sick. They found land the next day. The captian said we founded america. And everybody found there spot ther were going to live. And the kids seen a indian. They were scared. they wen't to there dad. And said dad we need to talk to you. And he said not now i am working. And they said but dad we seen a indian. He whent and he met the indian. the indian id hi welcome to ameirca. they became best friends. the next day tragity struck the dad his wife and his baby died of the feaver and he was always sad. after that it was thanksgiving day the pillgrims and the indian's gathered to gether and had dinner.the next day one of the indians died of the feaver. the indians tought them how to store food and make crops for the winter then wenter came it was a hard winter. every body was scared of the winter storms. then spring came every body had a hard winter then they met other new indians and americans. there family finaly could see them and a new baby was born the father was remarried the had a babie girl then she died from the feaver then they had twins a boy and a girl. in the winter. there was indians that were bad they wanted there food and cows. then the indians got killed from the parents old friends.then every thing changed be tween them. then the father died it was raining. the girls were all grown up. and they were sad the twins did not even know there dad.they all cryed alot and they all were very sad. and then there was a axident the twins and the girls and there new step mom all died in a train robery. The End

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