Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Every day stuff

Today was the most exhausting day's of my life becuse i had to go to a basketball game it was hot and smelly. Then i had to go to the olympic games it was fun to watch and there was alot of people there it was crowded. Every one needs a special place to go when they are crouded. when you talk to the senior citizensthey have meny enteresting stories. Did you know that pets can do alot of tricks and they can do them faster then any other animal. I enjoy reading bumper stickers so i have something to do. Some people have no sence of humer becuse they try to make a joke and it ends up into a fight or a problem. Lerning a new games is kind of complicated. Every body should have a goal like behaving. Around the world people selabrate chrismas. Some commercials are intertaining some are not. Shopping in malls are fun and they are every were.

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