Thursday, October 15, 2009

George Washington Carver National Monument

we went to gorge washinton carver national monument we went the other day, we went on a bus it was boring so i went to sleep and i woke up and we were there, the first thing we was we went and we lerned about how theywashed clothes and how they use a iron, we whent to the cemetery and we lerned how to not step on there body's and that was respect to them, he was a slave and he never seen his mother becuse she was kidnapped and she was never seen again, he was very sick and he was skinny and had a big head, he loved taking care of people's plant's they caled him the plant doctor, the town's people new about the child's mother was kidnapped by the busher's they take stuff from people and they kill, and they get alot of money, also steel slaves they sale them to other people and they, he was saling plant's and he siled alot of other stuff he was the first one to help the man to make light with peanut's, he was important for his making even though he was a slave, his greatest achievement was helping the first man who envented the light bulb he made the peanut into rubber and he agve it to the man he was offered alot of money he said no thank's all he wanted was the kid's to come into his school and lern, him caring about the kid's yes i would like more inoformation about him, it was good would say 10

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  1. You learned a lot!! I can tell you were really paying attention!

    1. Correct spelling of "George Washington Carver"
    2. Capitalize "I" every time you use it.
    3. Begin each sentence with a capital letter.
    4. From the beginning,go throught he WHOLE writing and put periods where each sentence ends so you don't have one big run-on sentence, (I need to take a breath! haha)

    Good job--glad you had a great day!! +10/10