Thursday, January 14, 2010

my dream

My dreams are to that Ibecome a animal cop so that I can rescue animal that are sray or hurt or abandent. my next dream is to go to collage and get a diploma, and then I can work for animal's and help them. my favorite dream would be to have a great big farm and have animal's that were abused or abanded and get horses. my dream is to help kids and become a teacher that works for special edd kids or just to work for a science class. I also would like to be a music teacher, and I would maybe like to be a P.E. teacher or to be a poem writer that would be fun even to be a police woman that would be dangoures or I would like to be a hair stylist that would be fu n for me becuse i love cuting things and i love to die things.amd maybe get a house or a appartment that way I could have some were to live and sleep and be deppendent. hopefully my family would give me money if they passed away.

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