Friday, February 12, 2010

dear mrs.stebbins

I am having trouble with social studies work sheets and it is very hard to remember the questions i do not know why. And i am having trouble on my spelling test it is kind of hard for me and i am afraid if i talk to you out loud people are going to thing that i am very stupid. And Orson keeps picking on me i do not know why and he gives me this weird look, it looks like he flirting with me. And i don't know why but Q.t. Keeps getting in my face i don't know why but it is irritating me. Alee keeps acting like she is going to hit me and she shows off in front of boys i think that's why she is acting like this to me. so far i am doing all right and i have the hugest crush on this boy at pathfinders he is nice and he has a girl friend that he said she was very mean to him and he is thinking he might break up with her i do not know what to do can you give me advice please. and i think Orson has a crush on me because he is flirting with me allot. I am moving to Galena with my grandparents and they might adopt me and my sister then the farm got really mad at them and said do you want to live somewhere else and her and i said no and so we are going to go live with my grandparents. And we are going to have fun because we get to see our old friends, We are going to to have fun in the summer we plan on going to the Galena pool, And after that we are going on a picnic, then we plan on going to my friends house, And have fun. Then i get to see my old boy friend and he might be surprised to see me there and we might go back out and them i will be happy. Then my cousin is going to be happy because he likes my old boy friend they are best friends. Then get to go home and talk to my grandma and tell her that i am going back out with my old boy friend. My sister might be jealous of me going out with her best friend and then she will not talk to me for a wile, After that she might be not mad at me anymore. Me and my sister are going to be very happy because we live with our family again. I am going to be very happy when i get to see my cosine Adrian. And then we will get to spend the night with her like we did when we where little kids.

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