Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lions' Life

Lions are my favorite animal. lions are aggressive. Male lions have access to the female lions when it is mating seasons. Lions mate about four times a hour over two to three days. The males try to kill their little cubs that are growing up so they can have more and they trying to bring back the females to breeding conditions. The females have up to five cubs in a litter. Male lions mark there territory with there urine. If intruders come in their territory they will kill them or chase them away. Male lions can be aggressive when they are hunting. If any ungly hyenas come near their kill, The lions will kill them, but they will not eat them. Spotted Leopards and cheetahs are afraid of lions because they are bigger and stronger then other large cats. The male lion protect his territory while the female hunts. lions make woofing, meowing, purring, and hissing to warn predators. That is why I like lions. Sources: Lion lovers sources: http://www.lions .org/lion-safari.html

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  1. Good job, Danielle.

    I know there are some corrections needed on this, but I know you did it and it didn't get saved somehow.

    You wrote good note cards and this report is full of interesting facts.

    Congratulations on a well done first research paper!